5 Most Popular and Anticipated Movies in 2015

Here are the lists of the most popular and anticipated movies in 2015. In every turn of the year, we are always in wait of our favorite genre or the sequel of the movie we love so much before. Well, here are some of the options for your 2015 list, including some of the continuous sequels as well as new adaptation from the popular novel. Enjoy!

Fifty Shades of Grey

The novel itself has got such a huge hit and become the talk in the city because of its graphic description of the so many lovemaking scenes. Based on the bestselling novel with the same name, people are wondering whether the movie will also display the hot and steamy scenes boldly. This is one element that makes people curious; thus, leading them marching to the nearest movie theater to watch this movie. Despite the popularity, some movie critics are worried that this movie will be a risky investment for the studio. If it turns out a big hit, then huge profit will come flooding, but if it turns out to be a bad one, then a huge loss can be expected.

Jurassic World

Jurassic Park series managed to put themselves into legendary segment, although some of the latest ones weren’t that good, but at least it has set up a solid platform for new technology in special effect. And it seems that the love for another dinosaur-roaming-flesh-eating creature is still on. You can expect returning character on the screen. However, is dinosaur theme still a trendy thing? Well, you have to answer that for yourself. It should be launched around June the 12th.

Hunger Games Mockingjay

Hunger Games and the heroine, Katniss, manage to sweep the world in awe and admiration. Now kids and teens – and even adults – have a new and cool role model after Legolas, the cool archer from Lord of the Rings. Released in November the 20th, this will be the second part of Mockingjay series. Some people say that the part 1 was a bit disappointing, so expectation and hope are put on this second part. As you can expect, this is the war between Katniss and District 13 survivors against the Capitol, so expect huge blasts and explosions along the way – well, hopefully.


If you are in love with the strange and bizarre and yet adorable and cute creatures from Despicable Me, then this is your chance to know more about them deeply. We all know Minions as the loyal servants of the worst character in Despicable Me, but we don’t really know their origin or why they come to existence. In this story, you will learn that everything starts from a single yellow cell organism that develop and evolve into the minions we know today. We learn about how they bounce from one master to another, and even fall into depression because they lose their masters from time to time.

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